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Using Gaming and Faqs as Technical Interview Questions

Disclaimer: The following is pure comedy :D Today I realized that asking in a job interview "Do you use game guides or faqs when playing a videogame?" is an excellent question... here's why: "So... Do you use game guides or faqs when playing a videogame?" Dude, Faqs are for the

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Burned out

Don't Worry Banging your head againts the desk is just as effective as any other thing. Keep pushing forward.

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Unit Testing in Python... a regular Use Case with code

Unit Testing Testing is essential. The worst part of not having a team that believes unit testing is essential for production is mostly that you'll be on your own when designing each test. Most tests are procedural, having parts that will repeat in concept but may differ a little in

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OMG Godzilla is all out of gum


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And We Are Back Online

Migrating to a new computer is tough. This was the general setup for my new computer: Prepare dual boot of Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Setup TeX development environment in Windows. Setup C++11 in Ubuntu Setup Cygwin in Windows Setup an external hard drive for file

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Check out this amazing LudumDare 29 Entry: Switcher

My friend ehtd finished exhausted from his entry for the LudumDare 29. Switcher Beneath the surface of a girl, a dormant beast exists. She has super human abilities and is extremely dangerous. She is an enemy of the State. Click on the image to go to the game. It is

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How to disable a device in Ubuntu

My touchpad is constantly killing me and messing with me. Thankfully I got a mouse for that and the touchpad of my MSI GS70 Stealthpro is crap (no joke, it is probably the worst part of the machine). My Ubuntu is 14.04 LTS Open a Terminal Ctrl+Alt+T

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Equateur The Lava

It's new music day I love the discovery of a new Group So relaxing

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